Lemyn Organics Rewards Program

What is the Lemyn Organics Rewards Program?

Lemyn Organics Reward Program is our way to reward you. You can earn Lemyn Coins for many actions. Please see your Rewards Program Dashboard for details.

Who can join the Lemyn Organics Rewards Program?

You are automatically enrolled when you create an account on lemyn.com. If you already have a lemyn.com account before the launch of our Rewards program, you will be automatically enrolled in the rewards program. International customers are not eligible. Create a free Account

How can I earn Lemyn Coins?

There are many ways to earn Lemyn Coins. Placing an order or other actions will make you earn Lemyn Coins. Please see your Rewards Program Dashboard for details.

How do I redeem my Lemyn Coins?

You need to have an account at lemyn.com, and you need to be logged in to redeem Lemyn Coins.

There are two ways to redeem Lemyn Coins.

1. Select your items and go to checkout. You will see your Lemyn Coins Balance and a “slider” where you can choose how many Lemyn Coins you want to redeem. Click “redeem,” and the discount will be applied automatically.

2. Before checking out, you can click the “Rewards” Icon at to the lower right and click “Ways to redeem”. Then click the desired discount and click “apply”. The discount will be automatically applied to your order at checkout.

Select your items and add them to your cart. On the cart page, click the “Rewards” Icon at the lower right and click “Ways to redeem”. Then choose the desired discount and COPY the discount code. PASTE the discount code into the discount code field on the cart page and click “apply”. The discount will be applied at checkout.

Can I use Discount Codes and Rewards on the same purchase?

Discounts cannot be stacked. You can only use your Rewards or a Discount Code on one single order. As an example: If we would run a promotion of 10% Off for Presidents Day with the Code PRESIDENT, you may use the code to get the 10% off, or you can use your Rewards. We suggest using the promotion Coupon Code and using the Rewards on a future purchase when no other special is available.

When do my Lemyn Coins begin accruing?

Lemyn Coins begin accruing on January 01, 2022. Orders and activities before January 01, 2022, will not be counted.

Do my Lemyn Coins expire?

Unused Lemyn Coins expire after 12 months and you can only redeem one reward with each order.

How do I leave the program?

If you no longer wish to earn Lemyn Coins, please use our regular contact details to ask us to be unenrolled. We'll unenroll you and you will lose any Lemyn Coins and rewards you have accrued.